APPEAR (Association de Parents pour la Promotion d`une Éducation Anti- Raciste) is an organisation formed by dynamic parents who understand the need for a diverse and inclusive campus for all students. We realise that this is a continuous endeavour that will involve the entire school community: parents, students, and the school’s staff and administration.

APPEAR was formed in May 2019 and its aim is to raise awareness about racism and work together with the school to make our schools a safe space for all.

APPEAR`s goal is to provide a safe space for all students by:

  • Encouraging the members of the school community to be anti racist champions
  • Developing a repository for racist incidents and how the school dealt with them.
  • Collecting data to facilitate the development of appropriate programmes and courses of action.
  • Listening to and advocating on behalf of individuals who request the intervention of the Association, recognising that racists incidents are a serious child protection issue.
  • Highlighting the importance of a curriculum that is inclusive and anti racist and encouraging the school to review its curricula via this lens
  • Advocating diversity in school administration and teaching staff in order to mirror student diversity
  • Advocating for antiracist training for teachers and school administrators
  • Advocating for additional human resources for the school to assist in the development and maintenance of anti-racist safe spaces for students such as a Diversity Coordinator
  • To encourage discussion to enable the development and execution of anti-racist policies
  • To raise funds to assist anti racial discrimination projects
  • Engaging with similar groups and exchanging educational information

We recognise that all forms of discrimination matter; however our focus is specifically on racism to make meaningful change in that precise and often neglected area. We understand similarly, other groups exist at school who work on different anti-discrimination themes. This is why we are not calling ourselves an “Anti-discrimination group”, but rather an “Anti-racist group” for the sake of clarity and efficiency. We are also happy to collaborate with other anti-discrimination initiatives.

What People Say

It is not often that parents of colour have the opportunity to be heard in a meaningful way by schools. Grateful for APPEAR.


We appreciate your support.


Happy that people are paying attention to this important topic.


Let’s continue the conversations …

Image: “United Nations, Geneva” by ceperez is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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