How to be an Anti-Racist Language and Literature Teacher

By Estelle Baroung Hughes Teaching texts from culturally diverse backgrounds is the very first step for an anti-racist Language and Literature syllabus. Without cultural, ethnic and racial representation there is no antiracism. However, when studying books that represent cultures, people and traditions from all over the world, educators can still either open minds or tightlyContinue reading “How to be an Anti-Racist Language and Literature Teacher”

I Have a Colour!

By E. Guimbang I have a Colour! I am speaking this like Martin Luther King spoke of his Dream. Why? Because recently, some of my white friends have taken to expressing their affection for me by telling me that they do not see, mind or care about my colour. In the light of the BlackContinue reading “I Have a Colour!”

Finding Safe Spaces as a Third Culture Kid

by Rafia de Gama I grew up as a third culture child across the world, from Europe to Asia to Africa. My parents, who came from different countries but similar ethnicities, consistently insisted we focus on what we share with others. This was a mantra in the house, from my mother who was South Asian-UgandanContinue reading “Finding Safe Spaces as a Third Culture Kid”

Are We Expecting Too Much? Applying a Growth Mindset to Anti-Racism

by Sheona Kellman In this age of political correctness and perpetual “wokeness,” where the rules always seem to be changing, is it fair to expect administrators, teachers, students and parents to be fully culturally and racially aware? Especially in an international school environment, isn’t it unreasonable to expect the school community to “know all theContinue reading “Are We Expecting Too Much? Applying a Growth Mindset to Anti-Racism”

The Elephant in The Room

By Gillian Shackleton My mother has a vivid memory of me at 14 years old. I arrived home from school one day and announced to my parents that children have rights.  I told them that they were wrong for having smacked me when I was younger.  We must have been learning about children’s rights atContinue reading “The Elephant in The Room”

3 Reasons Why Strong, Black Women are Perceived to be Scary

by Estelle Baroung Hughes ‘It is very hard to survive as a woman of colour in this world, and I remember saying once that if I stopped to feel, really feel, the pain of the racism I encountered, I would start screaming and I would never stop.’ Ijeoma Oluo – So you want to talk aboutContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Strong, Black Women are Perceived to be Scary”

What Will Be In Your Time Capsule?

By Deborah Lashley-Johnson My daughters have been writing letters to their future selves.  A fun activity that they can do online while passing the time at home.  Aside from the simple “what did you do the past year” questions, some of the boilerplate questions are quite profound: –What lessons have I learned up until this point? –Tell your futureContinue reading “What Will Be In Your Time Capsule?”

I Will Never Understand, But I Will Stand

By MC Two years ago my Black daughter had to think about what topic she wanted to work on for her Year 6 (Y6) exhibition. Very exciting times for her as she approached the ultimate project that her years in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) were leading her to. Finally, she was leaving behind PYPContinue reading “I Will Never Understand, But I Will Stand”

Waiting for Another Wave to Come

There is something about a time of crisis that brings out our true selves, and sometimes who we see in that time of crisis may not be someone we want to view in the mirror when the chaos has passed. COVID-19 has given us much to think about regarding race. From anti-asian racism to racismContinue reading “Waiting for Another Wave to Come”

A Comprehensive Examination of Structural Racism as relates to the Recently Publicised Racial Incidents in the USA

Structural racism is defined as: “A system in which public policies, institutional practices, culturalrepresentations, and other norms work in various, often reinforcing ways to perpetuate racial group inequity. It identifies dimensions of our history and culture that have allowed privileges associated with “whiteness” and disadvantages associated with “color” to endure and adapt over time. StructuralContinue reading “A Comprehensive Examination of Structural Racism as relates to the Recently Publicised Racial Incidents in the USA”