How to be an Anti-Racist Language and Literature Teacher

By Estelle Baroung Hughes Teaching texts from culturally diverse backgrounds is the very first step for an anti-racist Language and Literature syllabus. Without cultural, ethnic and racial representation there is no antiracism. However, when studying books that represent cultures, people and traditions from all over the world, educators can still either open minds or tightlyContinue reading “How to be an Anti-Racist Language and Literature Teacher”

I Have a Colour!

By E. Guimbang I have a Colour! I am speaking this like Martin Luther King spoke of his Dream. Why? Because recently, some of my white friends have taken to expressing their affection for me by telling me that they do not see, mind or care about my colour. In the light of the BlackContinue reading “I Have a Colour!”

I Will Never Understand, But I Will Stand

By MC Two years ago my Black daughter had to think about what topic she wanted to work on for her Year 6 (Y6) exhibition. Very exciting times for her as she approached the ultimate project that her years in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) were leading her to. Finally, she was leaving behind PYPContinue reading “I Will Never Understand, But I Will Stand”

Waiting for Another Wave to Come

There is something about a time of crisis that brings out our true selves, and sometimes who we see in that time of crisis may not be someone we want to view in the mirror when the chaos has passed. COVID-19 has given us much to think about regarding race. From anti-asian racism to racismContinue reading “Waiting for Another Wave to Come”