Are We Expecting Too Much? Applying a Growth Mindset to Anti-Racism

by Sheona Kellman In this age of political correctness and perpetual “wokeness,” where the rules always seem to be changing, is it fair to expect administrators, teachers, students and parents to be fully culturally and racially aware? Especially in an international school environment, isn’t it unreasonable to expect the school community to “know all theContinue reading “Are We Expecting Too Much? Applying a Growth Mindset to Anti-Racism”

Waiting for Another Wave to Come

There is something about a time of crisis that brings out our true selves, and sometimes who we see in that time of crisis may not be someone we want to view in the mirror when the chaos has passed. COVID-19 has given us much to think about regarding race. From anti-asian racism to racismContinue reading “Waiting for Another Wave to Come”